How To Write A Proposal For Music Artists Sponsorship.

How To Write A Proposal For Music Artist Sponsorship.

This article aims to help upcoming artists understand, how to write a proposal for music artist sponsorship.

A proposal for music career sponsorship is a simple document, you are going to present to persons or businesses; you’d like to approach as potential sponsors for your music career.

Therefore, below are the elements of a music artist sponsorship proposal.

1. Introduction.

Any upcoming artists who wants to get attracted to musical sponsors must ensure that he has begun his musical journey somewhere.

In this section, therefore, you need to clearly outline your current status, and or probably the little achievements you’ve had so far in the music industry.

Because, sponsors would like to know how, at least, a little farther you have taken yourself along in your music career; before they could push you much further.

This is where your demos or any other sample songs you have made will come to play.

So try and attach that demo(s), cover songs, freestyle videos, etc. to your proposal, and make sure you are able to explain what your song(s) are all about.

Most especially how and where you got the inspiration to compose or write those songs.

2. Your Short Musician Bio.

You must, at this point, take the time to feel your potential sponsor in on a little of your background history. That is to say, you must be able to make him understand or have the knowledge of how you started your musical career, as well as your style or genre of music.

You can mention specifically or exactly when you started to record your music. How many demos, singles, EPs, Albums, etc you’ve made so far, ever since you started your musical career?

If there are popular, or even local shows (gigs) you have performed in before, make sure you name them here. And very importantly, make sure you let your sponsor know whether you have ever been sponsored before by someone else.

Even if you are writing this proposal for music sponsorship to your parents or relatives, make sure you stick to the points above.

3. Other Benefits For The Sponsor.

At this point, you must be able to describe in your proposal, to your music artist sponsor, how they are going to benefit from their sponsorship of your musical career.

Note Best: Don’t include any monetary gain in this part.

The trick here is to warm up his interest and make him more than excited to work with an intelligent artist like you.

Moreover, your main aim is to let him know that, you understand the nature of the business you are proposing to invest in.

Remember music is business, and whoever is willing to sponsor a musical talent is a business person.

And proving to him that you are a business-conscious-minded person will give him the confidence to invest in your musical career.

Mentioning things like placing signage or the name of the sponsor on your album arts, giving them shout-outs on your records even while you are performing on stage; or doing short or viral videos on your social platforms and or official website.

If it’s a company, include sending emails to your newsletter highlighting the company’s products and services.

You can also make short video clips that promoted the company’s products and services at their request, and much more.

4. Sources Of Income.

Now here is where you will State the monetary gain the sponsor should be hoping for.

That is to say, you must make your potential sponsor know how the money they are going to spend will be recovered. And most importantly, with profit.

Every investment in the world hopes for a return which we call ROI (Return On Investment) which is expected to come with profit.

So never say what their percentage cut will be. Because, if that’s what they will be looking out for, they will not fail to ask you after going through the proposal.

And if it’s a company that is going to sponsor you, state tactfully that your advertising for the company or referrals will bring more customers who will buy their products and services.

But if it’s an individual, you must be able to show him or her that, the money they are going to invest will be recovered. And most especially, with a lot of profit.

This might seem like some kind of loan, which requires interest.

But the difference here is that you are not going to be the one to decide whether the sponsor will take the money back in due course, and with interest.

Just wait for the sponsor to ask you by himself what will be his percentage gain, after going through the proposal.

Remember, your target is to show him that you understand the nature of the business you are proposing to invest in.

So without wasting much time, end this part by stating the areas the money will be gotten back from.

Those areas should include but are not be limited to:

Online digital streams and sales, sales of physical records, in whatever form is available at your time; paid shows, endorsement deals, etc.

5. Amount To Invest.

This is the most dangerous part of this proposal, because, the estimated amount you are going to give might spoil everything.

You must clearly state the amount your sponsor is expected to invest, in order for your music career to start off and see a positive result.

Be certain to list out the areas the expenses will go to, and how much will carry it.

The expected areas should be audio studio recording, photo shoots, design/printing of artwork, online/offline music promotion, distributing to digital stores, shooting of official music video for visual promo, etc.


In conclusion, make sure your proposal is nearly typed and placed inside a clear envelope.

The caption on the back should be PROPOSAL FOR MUSIC ARTIST SPONSORSHIP.

The heading of the proposal should be in a formal letter style.

Starting with Dear Sir/Ma, Proposal for music career sponsorship.

The points stated above will now form the body of your letter.

Good luck.