One of the question often asked by upcoming artists in Nigeria is, what is the main key to success as an artist in Nigeria music industry.

And this article will aim to answer this question.

I am going to write this article based on my experience as a music promoter, here in Nigeria.

Because when I get to listen to so many songs sent to me for promotion by upcoming artists here in Nigeria; I realize that they are not making the kind of music that will ever make them successful.

As a matter of fact, upcoming artiste in Nigeria do not place much value on their music.

And it’s so disheartening to see them approach you on a daily basis asking for a record deal or effective music promotion.

When they do not have the kind of music that will bring them put to the spotlight.

Without taking you any further, let’s move on to see what is the main key to success as an artist in Nigeria music industry.

The main key to success in Nigeria music industry.

The main key to success as an artiste in Nigeria music industry is how professional your music sounds.

Without mincing words, I’d like to clearly state here that if your music does not meet the standard of music Nigerians are consuming, you will never become successful as a musician in Nigeria.

Thus, your main aim and goal should be to make the kind of music that sounds like, or probably close to what the top artists in the country are making.

Some think that trying to make their music sound like, or close to that of, say, Davido or Wizkid is imitation or copyright.

But I think imitation or copyright occurs when you use the same beat and sing the same vocals as the song owner.

Thus, using the same format of style of writing of an established artists is not imitation or copyright.

But note that you need a timing factor to make this work. For example, don’t try to use the same format Wizkid used in a song he did 5 years ago.

Rather, look for his most recent song and imitate.

If you’ve been studying music released lately in Nigeria, you will discover that they have just 2 verses. And the bridge and chorus are repeated either twice or thrice before the song fades.

That is why nearly all the current songs are not longer than 2 minutes, and probably 30 seconds.

How to make your music sound professional like that of established artiste.

For your music to reach the standard of the Nigeria music industry, and sound like or close to that of the superstars, you must be mindful of the following:

  1. Theme or topic of your song.
  2. Song title.
  3. Song composition.
  4. Studio recording.

1. Theme or topic of your song.

If you want to achieve success in Nigeria music industry, you must select a theme or topic of song that corresponds to what is trending at the moment.

Singing about what is trending will never make your song go out of time real soon, as some think.

Giving reasons that what trends usually last for a while and fades away soon.

But since you don’t expect to make one song throughout your music career.

If what is trending fades away and your song cannot blow, you can always look for the next thing that’s trending and do a song about.

However, keep it in mind that there are trending things that will not go out of fashion soon. An example is the current economic situation of the country.

Because of this, so many youths in the country have been drawn to money rituals and Yahoo Yahoo; while so many have to go to bed hungry almost every night.

So why not look for what will correspond with people’s present situation and make music about it.

You can take an example from the 2 songs currently trending below:

  1. Lordsky feat Comedian Sirone – Hunger.
  2. Pheelz feat Buji – Finesse.

This 2 songs aligns with what people are presently going through and you can see why they were able to blow easily.

2. Song title.

There are so many tricks for coming up with a song title that will blow.

  1. If you’re singing about what’s trending, it is safe to make your title correspond with it.
  2. Another trick is to make your song title the same as that of an already established artists. But the rule to doing this lies in making your single same title as their album, or vice versa. It is however not a crime to make the same song title and album title; long as the stories told are not the same.
  3. You can also embark on a keyword research to see what people are looking for the most in search engines. This will help your music to pop up while people are typing the keyword to search engines. But for this trick to work, you need to promote your music on a blog that will optimize your title for search engines.

Whatever trick you are using to come up with your song title, the main key to success on this point is to keep your song title short and simple.

The goal is to ensure it is memorable, so that people can easily grab it when they first come across it.

2 to 3 letter words is always ideal.

3. Song composition.

Song composition here will strictly depend on your genre of music.

But I will place focus on AfroBeats or AfroPop, because it is the number one as well as most successful music genre so far in the Nigeria music industry.

Nigerians love AfroBeats/AfroPop because the rythm is danceable; and vocals are also easy to sing along with.

The goodnews about AfroBeats/AfroPop is that it is very easy to compose.

You can begin this kind of song with a little intro, which is usually your brand name and song title.

You can choose to begin it with a chorus or verse, but always remember to add a bridge that will come between the verse and chorus.

Don’t begin this kind of music with a bridge please.

As a rule of thumb, don’t make your verse too long. 2 to 3 bars is ok.

The bridge could also be 2 or 3 bars.

The most important aspect of this composition is the chorus. And the simple rule is to make sure the chorus is repeatable, so it can be easy for people to sing along with.

When you do a research on all Nigeria songs that made waves, you will realize that they had chorus that was easy for people to understand and sing along with.

4. Music recording or production.

This is the most important aspect of the main key to success in Nigeria music industry, because if you get all others right and bust this one; you labour is going to be in vain.

There are several ways to go about your music recording or production.

For a start, if you have a little budget you can invest into getting your own small home recording studio. But if you don’t, then you need to look for a good studio and producer; that will give you a high quality production.

One of the benefits of getting your own home recording studio is that it will give you enough time to work in perfecting your production.

After making the beats and laying the vocals, you can then look for a good studio and producer that will mix and master your songs to meet up the standard of the Nigeria music industry.

Your best option however should be to settle for a popular producer that has worked with superstars.

The only problem here is that the cost is going to be relatively high.

And if you can afford it, then you will be putting yourself on the road to become successful in your career.

Unless you are working with an upcoming producer who is training under a popular one, I will never recommend you to do your music production with any other upcoming producer.

However, if you can get proof of previous productions he has done for other artists; you can work with such producer.

Finally, the main key to success as an artist in Nigeria music industry is to make the kind of music that meets the standard of well established artiste.

I mmean, the kind of music that sounds way too professional.

Please share this article, to help a fellow upcoming musician know; what is the main ket to success in Nigeria music industry.

Last modified: April 26, 2022



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