This article is going to teach you the 4 ways to make a fast musician fanbase.

In our previous article, I taught you how to build your fanbase on social media as a music artist, and this one serves as a follow-up.

As noted in that article, every musician in the whole world needs a dedicated fanbase; else they will never become successful.

Also, never think because you have 10k people following you on Facebook or Instagram, that you have a dedicated fanbase.

Especially, if you grow that account through the “follows for follow” method.

Who is a dedicated fan?

A dedicated fan is not just that person that loves to listen to your music, but the one who both listens and seizes every opportunity to convince other people to listen to it.

Your dedicated fan is that person who loves to share, repost, and retweet everything that concerns or is related to you on social media.

A dedicated fan is that one person who will catch the next available flight, and pay to watch you perform anywhere.

You’ve been seeing people who cry and beat themselves just to get a glimpse of their favorite artists. These are the ones we refer to as dedicated fans.

Having one of these kinds can fetch you a thousand fans in a short period of time. Because if he yells 10 people about you and he 10 tells 10 others who tell another ten; you can do the math!

I know you are thinking that it is only superstars that usually have this kind of fans, but were those superstars not once as upcoming as you are right now?

Now let’s move on to see how you can start building a dedicated fanbase for your music.

4 Ways To Make A Fast Musician Fanbase.

The 4 ways to make a fast musician fanbase are;

  1. Be sure you have the talent.
  2. Make good music.
  3. Be active on social media.
  4. Create a mailing list or your official website.

1. Be sure you have the talent.

Talent really matters because there is no way you can ever succeed in building a dedicated fanbase for your music if people realize that you cannot sing.


Everybody does not know how to sing, so if you can do it; then it means you have the talent.

And with that, you are set on the path to becoming a musician who needs a dedicated fanbase for music.

2. Make good music.

To have talent is one thing, and to make good music is another.

This is because if you are not using the right production tools or equipment, you will not be able to get quality music production which is so much needed to build a dedicated fanbase.

Nowadays, an artist does not require to pay for a big studio to get quality products, as you can even do that in your own small home recording studio.

Long as you have the necessary studio equipment, and learn how to properly mix and master your songs; then making good music is very possible.

Lots of talented artists have wasted their musical careers because of the low-quality products they carry around.

Especially, in this digital age where they think quality music production can be achieved by recording with a phone app.

You need to live to show the mentality and spend some cash to get quality products.

3. Be active on social media.

If you are a music artist and you are off and on social media platforms; then forget about trying to build a dedicated fanbase.

It is very sad to discover that some upcoming artists only visit their social media accounts when they have new music to update.

And the worst thing they do is share it as a link which social networks hate so much.

Therefore, if you want to build a dedicated fanbase as a music artist, you must be very active on social media.

And this means you must know the basic content ideas that will help you produce and posts content consistently on your social networks.

4. Create a mailing list or your official website.

To build a dedicated fanbase, you need to have your own official website as a music artist.

And on your website, you can add a subscription form where you will collect emails for your mailing list.

People will never subscribe unless they decide to be a fan.

Thus, you can see every subscriber as a dedicated fan, and keep them updated on what’s going on in your musical career via email.

Or if you have money, follow this link and get your own professional website.

Last modified: April 30, 2023



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