In this article, I am going to show you why you should promote your songs on music blogs in Nigeria.

As an upcoming musician, you can promote your music on our music promotion platforms at a very affordable price.

We have several music promotion platforms including But before I show you how to promote your songs on music blogs in Nigeria, let us first and foremost see why upcoming musicians in Nigeria find it hard to promote their songs.

Why do upcoming musicians find it difficult to promote their songs on music blogs in Nigeria?

The majority of upcoming musicians in Nigeria are finding it very difficult to promote their songs on music blogs in Nigeria because of the high cost that is being charged.

The worst part of it is that even after paying this huge sum of money to the so-called popular music blogs; upcoming musicians are still unable to blow into the music industry, as they thought or were promised.

This happens because no matter the billions of visitors coming to your blog every single day; it is going to be impossible to convince or force them to listen to or download music from an artiste they don’t recognize.

Moreover, a good number of those visitors are pursuing other interests that are apart from music.

But this does not mean you should not promote your songs on music blogs in Nigeria.

Why You Should Promote Your Songs On Music Blogs In Nigeria.

Music blogs have blown and still have the tendency to blow up upcoming musicians.

This is because the owner of the blog who understands which post is bringing traffic to his blog; can utilize the opportunity to showcase the contents of any upcoming musician he is promoting to millions of visitors.

How to promote your music on 9ja Freestyle.

As an upcoming musician, you can promote your music on our music blogs, including 9jafreestyle at a very cheap and affordable price

The price we charge for music promotion?

For this reason, we decided to make online music promotion easy for upcoming musicians; especially here in Nigeria by charging just:

2,000 Naira per Audio Track and

3,000 Naira per Music Video.

Benefits of promoting your songs on Music blogs in Nigeria.

  • We will upload your songs on our music blog @, and optimize them for easy download and play.
  • We’ll review the particular song you are paying us to promote on this site; providing the links to where potential fans and listeners can download it online.
  • Your song will be optimized to become searchable on Google and other search engines.
  • We will give you press coverage across all our media blogs.
  • We will place your artwork as a banner on our popular posts and pages; so that our visitors can link up to your music page and download your song.
  • Your song will also appear among other songs we will select as the music of the week and promote consistently.

So what are you waiting for? Use the WhatsApp button below to chat with us, or fill out the contact form, and in no time your music will be live on this site.

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Last modified: December 11, 2022



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