How To Promote Music Offline In Nigeria.

How To Promote Music Offline In Nigeria.

This article is going to treat in detail how to promote your music offline in Nigeria, and you can read the introductory part on how to promote your music in Nigeria.

And in that article, you will discover the basic facts about music promotion in Nigeria, which includes its advantages and disadvantages.

That being said, music promotion in Nigeria may be classified into two ways:

  1. Offline music promotion
  2. Online music promotion

Without wasting much time let us dive straight into the main point of this article.

How to promote your music offline in Nigeria.

Below are the ways and means you can promote your music here in Nigeria:

1. Make good music.

Though we mentioned this point in the introductory part of this article: how to promote music in Nigeria; I think it wise to mention it again here, because if your music is not good enough for public consumption, you are just going to waste your time promoting it.

To however produce good music, you must locate a sound recording studio that is going to give you the best production.

Or you can set aside a little budget and set up your own small home recording studio.

The latter has so many benefits and you can read it here: Benefits Of Setting Up Your Own Small Home Recording Studio.

You can also check the current prices of studio equipment in Nigeria here.

If you are going to produce your music in your small home recording studio, you can read the next article: How To Produce High-Quality Music In Your Small Home Recording Studio.

Once you are able to come out of the studio with good music, then your journey to offline music promotion in Nigeria will be very successful.

2. Oral Tradition.

Oral tradition is still relevant in today’s music promotion in Nigeria, because if you tell a friend who tells a friend who says to a friend; very soon the word will get around town that so so and so artiste in this town has dropped new music.

And before you know it, so many people will be looking out for your music every which where.

When I began my own musical career in 2005, oral tradition was one of the things that made me so popular in my hometown.

My stage name back then was Stranjah, and the title of my first album was “Stranjah done enter da game”.

So this title of the album was the main oral tradition that was going around town, and people used to address me with that album title as a slogan anywhere they see me.

Therefore, if you can make your musical promotion kick off with oral tradition, you will soon be unable to walk the streets because of how people will be hailing you.

3. Flyers/Posters and flex banners etc.

Secure a good graphics designer in town to design dope flyers, posters, and flex banners you will give out to people, and also post on strategic places in your city.

The design should carry your artiste’s name and song title, contact details, and how people can access the music.

By now you must have uploaded the song to a blog or even Audiomack; so put those details on your design so that interested fans can visit there and get your music easily.

4. Perform in gigs.

Performing in gigs has been an age-long tradition for upcoming artists to promote their music offline in Nigeria.

In fact, a lot of them have been discovered and either sponsored or signed to a label in this way.

So go out there and look for every opportunity to perform in a gig; no matter how local it might be because you never can tell where a big music sponsor or label owner is hanging out to discover new talents.

5. Form your own musical crew or team.

Your musical crew or team should not necessarily be artists, but people ready to spread the word about your music, accompany you to shows and showcase you as an artiste who knows the game.

While forming the crew or team, let each member know what their benefit is going to be when they become a big artist.

And if you do become one make sure you are not going to betray their trust.

Now make it a point of duty to delegate tasks to your crew from time to time.

You can get some of them to go out in search of gigs, and promise what they will gain if they are able to secure one.

You can provide MP3 for them in order of playing your music everywhere they hang out.

Make sure your crew members seize every opportunity to make your music heard everywhere they go.

6. Print your cover art on polo, T-Shirts, and caps.

How To Promote Your Music In Nigeria.

Another means of offline music promotion is to print your album cover on polo, T-Shirts, and caps.

You can give this material to all your team members, family members, friends and colleagues, and even the grandmas and grandpas.

Ensure your contact details are boldly printed on the materials because someone might see them and look for the means to go check it out.

7. Promote through your local DJs.

promote music through DJ

Never underestimate the exposure you can get from your local DJs; especially those one’s who are playing events every now and then and also compile mixtapes.

These DJs are capable of making your music heard a thousand times. And the more people keep listening to your music (if it’s dope) the more they will begin to reckon with it, and even look for ways to get it.

Local DJs will not charge you much; some will even be excited to play the music for free looking up to when you will become a superstar and giving them shout-outs.

And if you eventually do, make sure you make them proud and never regret they promoted your music.

8. Radio/TV stations.


No matter how the internet has taken over the media world, Radio and TV stations will forever remain relevant; because there are scores of people; especially the elderly, who do not have time to surf the internet but will prefer listening to their radios and watching their TV stations.

So you use these mediums as a promotional tool to make your music reach out to these kinds.

9. Launch/Listening party.

You can also arrange a launch/listening party to create awareness for your music.

When doing this, don’t make money or rather gain from the launch/party as a priority, rather focus more on getting people to listen and like your music.

And when you become more popular and arrange the next launch, you will gain times three.

The launch and listening party process is simple; just print envelopes and invite as many people as you can.

And that’s how to promote your music offline in Nigeria.

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