On this post, am going to provide answers to the questions asked by upcoming musicians, is there any music competition in Nigeria?

And I promise to always update it with the latest music competition at any given time.

So no matter when you come across it, know that you are receiving the latest updates on the music competition going on in Nigeria.

But before we look at the music competition going on in Nigeria, we are first of all going to see the meaning of a music competition; as well as musicians who became popular through a music competition.

What is music competition?

Music competition is a process where musicians are made to go through different stages of performance, in order to pick the best among them.

In any music competition, it is the reason who performs best that usually emerges the winner.

Benefits of music competition.

There are lots of benefits of joining or participating in a music competition, and some of them are;

  1. Music competition will increase your chances of blowing into the music industry.
  2. You can easily sign a record deal when you participate in a music competition. Because record label executives always see it as a means of confirming the best artist for a record deal.
  3. Even if you will not consider music as a career later on in life; participating in a music competition can help you make the money you can use to invest on any business you want.
  4. Participating in a music competition will help to spot your weaknesses and you can work on that to increase your skills in the music industry. This usually comes through the comments you are going to get from the judges.
  5. Music competition will help you to network and build connections, not only in the music industry. The top artists you meet, and even upcoming artists; and become familiar with might be connected to someone who knows someone big in the music industry.

Artists who became successful through music competition in Nigeria.

MTN project Fame is one of the biggest music competition that happens in Nigeria.

And this music competition has been a home of success for musicians like:

  1. Iyanya – won the 2008 competition.
  2. Chidinma – emerged winner in the 2010 competition.
  3. Ayoola – was the winner of the 2012 competition.

The above musicians has gone on from MTN project Fame to become top artists in the Nigerian music industry.

Music competition in Nigeria 2022.

Below are the latest update for Musician’s competition in Nigeria 2022.

1. Nigeria’s got talent.

Is There Any Music Competition In Nigeria 1

Nigeria’s got talent is a reality talent hunt show in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of Got Talent Franchise.

This talent hunt show was launched in 2012, and was aired on NTA and AIT and sponsored by Airtel, a telecommunication firm in Nigeria. The show is hosted by Andre Blaze.

Judges on the show are Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw; Nigerian comedian Yibo Koko and On-Air-Personality, Dan Foster.

Judges usually comprises of celebrities and top music industry personalities like Simon Cowell and Mel B. These judges offer criticisms and advice to upcoming musicians who participate in the show.

Requirements to participate in this competition.

To participate in this competition, you must be 18 years of age and have citizenship in the United States of America.

How to participate in this competition.

To participate in this competition, you have to visit the live audition sites to perform. Or send in a video of your performance.

After the online performers, the producers of the show will select those who will perform in front of the judges.

How winners emerge.

Winners are selected by the the viewers at home through casting of votes.

Grand prize.

The grand prize for emerging the winner of this competition is usually $1,000,000 and a chance to perform in their Las Vegas concert.

2. Unsigned Only.

Is There Any Music Competition In Nigeria 2

As the name implies, this competition is solely for upcoming artiste who are unsigned in the music industry.

Aim of this competition.

The aim of this competition is to find a talented performer, band, singer or solo artist who is not yet signed to any record label.

Consequently, the competition has rules that are very nbeneficiary to upcoming artists in Nigeria.

How to enter the competition.

To enter the competition, you have to submit your studio recorded songs as many as possible. This competition is open to all genre of music in the world.

Grand prize.

The grand prize for this competition is usually $20,000 in cash, and a one-on-one mentor session with top record label executives.

Judges on this competition are The Killer, Bone Thugz And Harmony, Montgomery and the Ying Yang Twins.

This competition also involves lots of top musicins and music industry experts when it comes to selecting winners.

3. The voice Nigeria.

Is There Any Music Competition In Nigeria 3

This competition is currently running on NBC.

And one of the benefits of participating in this competition is that you are going to get a lot of exposure; even if you emerge the winner or not.

Additionally, you will have the chance of being mentored by some top artists in the music industry. Artiste who have worked in this competition includes Christiana Aguilera, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Usher etc.

Consequently, the voice Nigeria showcases 4 coaches, and in this season Yemi Alade has take the place of 2face Idibia.

4. International songwriting competitions.

Is There Any Music Competition In Nigeria 4

This competition is hosted everywhere, and is open for both upcoming and A-Lists artists.

As a matter of fact, this competition gives musicians the opportunity to have their songs reviewed by music industry experts. And this paves way for them to become successful in the music industry.

Noteable winners in this competition are, Bastille, Gotye, The Band Perry and many other popular artists we cannot mention here.


Aside from this competitions we have reviewed, there are lots of music competition going on; both online and offline.

And as a result of that, you should always keep your ears to the ground and surf the internet every now and then to find one.

In addition to that, make sure you have the talent and put in all your effort to emerge a winner anytime you are given the opportunity to participate in any music competition.

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