How To Get Don Jazzy Phone And WhatsApp Number.

How To Get Don Jazzy Phone And WhatsApp Number.

This article will reveal to you how to get Don Jazzy WhatsApp and phone number.

One thing I’ve observed in my many years of being is music promoter is that nearly all the upcoming artists in Nigeria want to get signed to a record label, and Mavin Records is among those record labels they are looking out to join.

And since Don Jazzy is the CEO of Mavin Records, lots of upcoming artists in Nigeria have been yearning to get his WhatsApp and phone number, and that is what prompted me to conduct a little research and come up with this article that will give you tips and tricks on how to get Don Jazzy’s WhatsApp and phone numbers.

Before we go into that, let me, first of all, show you a brief history of Mavin Records.

A brief history of Mavin Records

In 2012, Nigeria’s record producer and singer, Don Jazzy launched a new record label known as Mavin Records after he left Mo Hits Records, a record label he co-founded in 2004 with Nigerian singer D’Banj.

Immediately after beginning the new record label, DonJazzy signed a multi-million dollar investment deal with Kupanda Holdings which turned out to place Mavin Records as the biggest record label in Nigeria.

Ever since, the label has grown to be a very big household name when it comes to record labels in the Nigerian music scene, after bringing to the limelight the likes of the following music stars: Tiwa Savage, Rema, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, etc.

Thus, between 2014 to the close of 2021, Mavin Records have blown about 8 talented singers with over a dozen still under the Mavin Academy according to Don Jazzy.

How To Get Don Jazzy WhatsApp and Phone Number.

If you want to get Don Jazzy WhatsApp and phone number, simply request for it using the contact form on the official Mavin Record label’s website at or follow Don Jazzy on his social media accounts where you can send DMs and hope for replies.

As a matter of fact, I want you to be wary of any WhatsApp or phone number you might see online claiming to be that of Don Jazzy because no WhatsApp or phone number will be authentic unless it comes from the boss himself.

How to get Don Jazzy attention.

If you want to get Don Jazzy attention, make sure you are a very talented young artists who is creating lots of musical content, especially videos, that you are uploading on your social media platforms and tagging or mentioning Don Jazzy on them.

You must also ensure you are very young and talented because several other young artists, who are even more talented are already contacting the music producer; so therefore you have to stand out among this lot in order to get his attention.

However, below is the method you can employ to contact Don Jazzy if you want to get signed to Mavin Records.

Since it is going to be very difficult to visit Don Jazzy in his physical abode or have a phone number that will reach him directly; the only way you can try to contact him is through his social media accounts.

Good enough Don Jazzy is among the few Nigerian celebrities who are very active on social media and above all pay attention to those reaching out to them. Long as those people are consistent and have something reasonable to present.

So when trying to reach out to Don Jazzy, you must ensure you are very persistent and don’t give up easily.

The key point is to create engaging and interesting content, upload them on your social media platforms, and tag Don Jazzy on them.

But note that he is likely not going to respond immediately, so for that reason, you need to keep creating and sending more content to increase your chances of getting Don Jazzy’s attention.

Another means of getting Don Jazzy’s attention is by using the Mavin Records contact below to reach out to Don Jazzy.

Though not much is made public about how to contact DMW Records; you can as well try the avenues I will show below to contact them.

  • Mavin official website.
  • Mavin CEO’s official Instagram page.
  • Mavin CEO’s official Twitter page.
  • Mavin’s official phone number – is +2349133616411