In this article, I am going to show you how to get online music management and promotion that will help take your musical career to the next level here in Nigeria.

This article will aim to help you really understand what is music management and promotion.

From there we will go on to show you the duty of a music manager and promoter.

But before we go into the core of this article, let us, first of all, get an understanding of what music management and promotion is.

What is music management and promotion?

Music management and promotion is the art of using any available medium to get music out to potential consumers.

As a musical artist, you need to have an experienced team around you that can really help you to grow and develop your musical career.

Music Management is the only thing that will help you to navigate the music industry.

Because it has the ability to open up new opportunities as well as push your musical career to greater heights.

A music manager will help you to do the following:

  • Plan your music career strategy,
  • Offer you music industry advice and mentorship,
  • As well as deal with your publicities and work to get you industry connections.

Nowadays, since the music industry has really gone digital, it is very possible and necessary to have an online music manager who will oversee your music promotion and the overall uprise of your musical career in the online community.

The duty of a music manager and promoter.

The duty of a music manager and promoter is to ensure people get an awareness of a musician and his music.

In order to achieve this, a music manager sets the strategies that will help him know the right mediums and places he is going to send the music of the artiste.

As an upcoming musician, it is certain that you do not know your whereabouts in the music industry; and for that reason you need someone who is more experienced to manage you and handle your music promotion.

Qualities to look for in a music manager and promoter.

Before you ever attempt to settle with someone as your music manager and promoter, you must first and foremost look for the qualities I am going to outline below.

And confirming this quality in a music manager and promoter will help you guarantee that you are working with the right person who is going to help you become successful in the Nigerian music industry.

The qualities to look for in a music manager and promoter are:

1. Transparency

You must ensure your music manager is a very transparent and honest person. So that when the income starts flowing in, he will not deceive you and take the lion’s share.

Must be able to multitask: Make sure you do not settle with a music manager who has only one way of approaching your music management and promotion here in Nigeria. The world is changing every day and so does the need for one to flow with the tides. And if your music manager and promoter are old school, then you are likely not going to become a successful musician in Nigeria.

2. Financial discipline.

Your music manager must be someone who knows how to invest money and get a return on that investment. Because if you settle with a music manager who spends money on unnecessary things, then it will be very hard to become successful in the music industry.

3. Understand and make use of opportunities.

There are thousands of opportunities for upcoming musicians in Nigeria every day. It could be a talent hunt that you need to enroll for instance. And so, the right music manager and promoter will also go out there and create opportunities that will help you showcase your musical talents and skills.

4. Have connections in the music industry.

Before you settle with someone as a music manager and promoter, you must ensure that person has connections in the Nigerian music industry. Because I tell you with all amount of truth that who knows who matters so much in the music industry.

5. Passion for music management and promotion.

You must make sure you do not settle with someone who is lazy as a music manager and promoter.

Your music manager and promoter must be someone who has a passion for music management and promotion in Nigeria.

6. Must know so much about music.

I bet you do not want to hire a lawyer or accountant as a music manager.

Because a music manager needs to be someone who knows so much about music.

He could be a musician, who was not opportune to become a star but understands the music industry and what it requires for success.

How To Get Online Music Management And Promotion In Nigeria.

There are scores of online music managers and promoters here in Nigeria.

And to get in contact with them, you can simply run a Google search for music managers and promoters in Nigeria.

But here in Taculia 9Ja, we have our own fast-rising record label, Taculia Records; which works tirelessly to manage and promote upcoming artists here in Nigeria.

Strategies used by Taculia Records to achieve online music management and promotion.

  1. Taculia Records will help you to build an official musician website for you.
  2. They will also help you to monetize and use your official musician website to make money from other online sources like AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.
  3. We’ll also help you to collect emails from your website and use it to grow your online fanbase.
  4. You will get press coverage across all our blogging platforms.
  5. Cheap distribution of your music to digital stores where you can start to earn from your music.
  6. You’ll also get an artiste page that will carry the links to all your songs on digital platforms. 

If you are interested in working with us you can learn more.

Or better still chat with us via the WhatsApp link below or fill out the contact form to reach out to us and we will respond immediately.

Please share this article to help a fellow musician know how to get online music management and promotion in Nigeria.

Last modified: March 27, 2023



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