Cost Of Music Promotion In Nigeria.

Cost Of Music Promotion In Nigeria.

I’d like to sign in to this article by letting you know that trying to promote your music for free will not yield an instantaneous result, so therefore, if you need a positive result from music promotion in Nigeria you must be willing to invest.

As I would always say, music is business, and to succeed as a musician you must have the capital that you are going to invest and adopt the business mindset that will help you get a return on that your investment.

But there is no way you are going to succeed in investing in your music career if you are not conversant with the cost. And that is the very reason I am writing this article to reveal to you the cost of music promotion in Nigeria.

But before I do so, let me start by giving you a definition of music promotion.

What is music promotion?

Therefore, music promotion can be defined as a process of creating awareness for yourself as an artiste; and your music as a product.

When you think about music promotion, think about having a product you desperately want people to be aware of, so you can sell it and make so much money.

Another word for promotion is marketing.

And in music, you as an artist are the brand while your music is the product you desperately want people to get awareness about so they can stream and download for you to make so much money.

Cost Of Music Promotion In Nigeria.

The cost of music promotion in Nigeria will range from 10,000 (ten thousand Naira) to 100,000,000 (1 million Naira) depending on the method you are going to adopt for the promotion.

Basically, the 2 methods you need to adopt for your music promotion are the online and offline methods.

Let us now move on to look at the cost of music promotion based on these two methods.

Cost of promoting your music online in Nigeria.

There are basically 2 mediums you are going to use to promote your music online and they are music blogs and using Ads.

Cost of promoting your music on music blogs in Nigeria.

Music blogs do not have a fixed price for music promotion but expect to spend between 1,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira if you want to promote your songs on music blogs in Nigeria.

The price will depend on how popular the music blog is.

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Cost of using Ads to promote your music in Nigeria.

If you want to use Google Ads to promote your music, expect to spend between 9,000 to 10,000 dollars every month. The cost per click on Google Ads is usually around 1 to 2 dollars a day.

Ads are short words for the term advertising, and it usually involves putting in a certain amount of money to boost your posts on social platforms or the internet.

The basic forms of Ads are Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram Ads, etc.

Facebook Ads is going to cost you a minimum of 1 to 2 dollars a day.

Cost of offline music promotion in Nigeria.

The good thing about offline music promotion is that it involves physical interaction.

By this I mean, you are going to come in contact with those who are going to help you do the promotion.

Let’s look at some of the means of offline promotion and their cost.

Cost of printing your album cover on banners, flex, posters, etc. for your music promotion.

The cost of printing your album cover on banners, flex, posters etc for your music promotion is going to be around 100,000 (one hundred thousand) to 200,000 (two hundred thousand) naira.

One of the means of online music promotion is printing your album cover on materials like banners, flex, posters, T-Shirts, caps, etc.

The thing you will be required to do is to get a professional graphic designer who will help you design the album cover.

Let him save the design for you on a CD or flash.

Now take the design to a printing press and have them print at least 100 copies of each material.

After the printing, you can paste and post them in public places.

Cost of radio/TV promotion in Nigeria.

The cost of radio/TV promotion in Nigeria is around 10,000 (ten thousand) to 100,000 (one hundred thousand) naira for a week’s play of your music on radio and Tv stations.

Radio and TV stations are going to charge you based on how long you want your music to be played.

Why upcoming musicians cannot get positive results from their music promotion in Nigeria.

Before you delve into music promotion as an upcoming artiste, you need to have knowledge about music promotion else you will not be able to get positive results from it.

Below are therefore some of the reasons why upcoming artists cannot get positive results from their music promotion:

1. Lack of money.

Money plays a very important role in music promotion.

Whether you are aiming to promote your music online or offline, you will be required to spend money.

We all know that everything on earth revolves around money; especially those things you hope to have a return on investment.

If you promote yourself well, you are going to blow into the music industry; either by being signed to a record deal or through endorsements and shows.

And for this reason, if you don’t have money to fund your music promotion in Nigeria, you will find it very hard to blow into the music industry.

2. Tech know-how.

On the other hand, if you have money but do not know the measures or steps you are going to take, you will end up spending your money and never be able to achieve success in your music promotion.

And for this reason, you really have to learn about the music industry; as well as the means by which you are going to go about your music promotion the right way.

There are several free sources online that can help you to do this, and on this platform, we have several articles on music promotion.

You can learn about the ways you can get effective music promotion here in Nigeria.