Audio lesson 2 everything musicians must know about online music distribution

Audio Lesson 2: Everything Musicians Must Know About Online Music Distribution.

This is our audio lesson number 2 on everything musicians must know about online music distribution.

On this part, our discussion centers on How to use social media effectively as a musician.

On this audio lesson, you are really going to learn a lot about an online robot known as Algorithm.

What is algorithm?

When the contents you post on your social media accounts starts to get engagements; immediately you publish it. The particular content will be forced to appear on several users feed whose activities on social platforms corresponds with your contents; even though they do not follow your accounts.

This process is what we refer to as algorithm on social media platforms.

The 3 means of engagements on social media platforms are: Likes, comments and shares.

On this audio lesson I have really taken the time to explain about 9 things you should do on your social media platforms in order to build your fanbase as a music artiste.

In order to use social media effectively as a musician, you must consistently publish posts on your accounts.

Below are some of those content you should use to stay active on social media platforms as a music artiste.

  • Posting photos or images.
  • Using questions to engage your audience.
  • Understanding the right time you should be posting.
  • Posting frequently.
  • Avoid posting the same contents twice.
  • Using more video contents.
  • Tagging your followers
  • Using #hashtags on your contents to reach those who do not belong or follow your accounts.

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