Audio lesson 1 everything musicians must know about online music distribution

Audio Lesson 1: Everything Musicians Must Know About Online Music Distribution.

This is our audio lesson number 1 on everything musicians must know about online music distribution.

On this part, our discussion centers on how you can build your fanbase on social media as a music artiste.

Since our discussion is on subsequent audio lessons is going to really center on how you can get the best out of your online music distribution.

That is to get streams and make money from your music on digital stores.

The reason we are starting by showing you how to build a fanbase is because; it is your fans that are going to stream your music online.

From this audio lesson you will get to understand why it is very important for a music artiste to have fans. Because, it is your fans that are going to download, listen, stream, buy your music.

And even more than that, it is your fans that are going to spread the word about you, and in so doing help you to get more fans.

You will get to know who are your fans and where to find them after listening to this audio lesson.

I really take the time to analyze the 2 basic ways you can utilize in order to build a fanbase.

They are:

  1. Posting consistently on social media platforms.
  2. Collaborating with top artiste.

Therefore, in this audio lesson number 1 building a fanbase is among everything musicians must know about online music distribution.

So you can listen to the audio message below.

Click here to listen to the next audio lesson, that is Audio Lesson 2.

After listening to this audio message, you can also read our article on the topic: How to use social media effectively as a musician, so you can know the right contents and time to post.

We also have another article: Basic content ideas to help musicians build their fanbase on social media, that will help you to understand the 3 basic contents you ought to create as a music artiste.

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