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Music Advice NG is an online music school, where upcoming musicians can learn the basics of the music industry in order to become successful in it.

As every normal school, we have a tuition fee which is billed annually.

Our Focus

The rule of life states that one must go to school and learn, and in the end graduate with a certificate that will enable him secure a job as a source of livelihood.

But it is sad that, majority of upcoming artiste think that there is a shortcut to becoming a superstar, without possessing the knowledge of the music business. Most of them live believing that “who go blow go blow’. Concluding that it is their talent that will pave way for them.

Some even think that joining any influential group is the key to becoming a successful musician. But from all I know, there is no group in this world, capable of making people rich, that will accomodate uneducated and business unconscious individuals. Because all the members of groups who are wealthy that I have come across are intelligent, and most of all great business minded persons.

Thus our focus on this platform is for upcoming artiste to possess the tech-know-how of the music business. So they could prove to any person or group of persons that will support them, that they are going to make good returns of their investment.

Our Goals

Our goal is simply to produce successful musicians.

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