Learn the TECHNOLOGICAL-KNOW-HOW of the music business from us, and become successful in your music career.

Music Advisor

Eventus Okon

Eventus Okon is a Nigerian artiste of the early 2000’s. He released few singles and 2 albums that made waves during his times. But as life would determine, he delved into other careers, and is today a successful Web Designer, Blogger, Online Music Promoter and Advisor.

He is also a professional Cinematographer/Photographer.

Okon also runs an artiste management record company known as Taculia Records. And also several music blogs, including taculia9ja.com, 9jafreestyle.com etc.

Music Advice NG is an online platform where he offers online professional music advice to upcoming musicians, showing and helping them to become successful in their chosen career.

How I Help Upcoming Artiste!

Below are the services we offer on this platform.

Online Music Advisory Class

When you subscribe to this platform, you will gain access to lenghty music lessons on Mp3 and podcasts, which explains in details the ways and means you can device to be a successful musician.

Premium E-books & Articles

As a subscriber to this platform, you will also gain access to premium E-books and articles, which you can download and print out for easy studies.

Digital Music Services

I will also help you, as a subscriber to this platform, to submit your music to digital platforms, where you can make ends from online music streaming.

Why You Should Join Us!

I have been in, and experienced the music industry before. Plus, I commit myself to studying and researching what works in the modern music industry. And joining all these together, I am able, by God’s grace, to teach upcoming artiste how to become successful in the music industry.

Other benefits of joining this platform.

  • Free promotion of all your tracks for the first year you subscribe, on our music blogs: taculia9ja.com and 9jafreestyle.com.ng.
  • Free artiste page on artistepages.com.ng, that will contain all the information concerning you.
  • 24/7 support on WhatzApp & Messenger, where you are free to ask any question concerning things you don’t seem to understand in the music industry.
Last modified: April 21, 2022